Physical Therapy Faculty & Staff

Director & Professor, School of Physical Therapy & Athletic Training

Kevin K. Chui PT, DPT, Ph.D is a director and professor at Pacific University's School of Physical Therapy & Athletic Training.

Assistant Professor

Erin Bompiani's areas of interest include Pediatric physical therapy, evaluation and treatment of cerebral palsy, therapy in the natural environment, knowledge translation and advocacy.

Assistant Professor

Michael Bridges is an Assistant Professor for the Physical Therapy Program and has interests in mechanics, product development, and supporting students in professional development.

Assistant Professor

Kimberly Burdge, PT, MS, DHSc is an Assistant Professor for Pacific University's School of Physical Therapy.

Assistant Professor

Tzurei Chen received her Master and PhD degrees in biomechanics from the University of Oregon. She also completed fellowship training through ASSE Foundation for the safety research fellowship program at the Liberty Mutual Research Institute for Safety.


Katie Farrell's areas of interest include aging, balance and falls, and dementia.

Assistant Professor, Director of Clinical Education

Jeremy Hilliard is an Assistant Professor and the Director of Clinical Education for the Physical Therapy Program. His areas of interest include supporting student professional development and involvement, professional advocacy regarding policy and legislation, and orthopedic physical therapy. 

Administrative Coordinator of Clinical Education & Manager of Clinical Practice

Alice Hochnadel-Johnson is the Administrative Coordinator of Clinical Education & Manager of Clinical Practice for the Physical Therapy Program.


Erin E. Jobst PT, PhD is a professor in the School of Physical Therapy whose interests include physiology, pharmacology, and pathophysiology, especially obesity and diabetes.

Manager of Budget & Administrative Services

Emma Kyle-Milward is the Manager of Budget & Administrative Services for the School of Physical Therapy & Athletic Training.


Robert Nee, PT, PhD, MAppSc is a Professor at Pacific University's School of Physical Therapy.

Associate Professor

Rebecca Reisch's areas of interest include women's health, orthopedics, clinical education and service learning.

Assistant Professor

Jose R. Reyna is working with the Virginia Garcia Memorial Clinic to develop a pain management clinic.


Anatomy Instructor

Assistant Professor & Associate Director of Clinical Education

Brian J. Wilkinson, PT, DPT, CHT, CLT is an Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy & Associate Director of Clinical Education.


Distinguished University Professor, Professor Emerita

Daiva Banaitis studies adult neurology, stroke rehabilitation, massage, and higher education.

Professor Emeritus

Kenneth W. Bush is a licensed physical therapist with interest in physical agents, orthopedic evaluation, statistics, and interactive multimedia.

Professor Emerita

Nancy A. Cicirello's interest areas include pediatrics, disability studies, international cross-cultural service, early intervention, special education, and adult neurology.

Professor Emerita

Laurie Lundy-Ekman studies pain physiology, stroke rehabilitation and diagnosis of dizziness.

Distinguished University Professor, Professor Emeritus

John M. Medeiros studies the Kinesiology of the musculoskeletal system and objective measurement of musculoskeletal function.

Professor Emeritus

Richard Rutt's interest areas include sports physical therapy, injury prevention, and wellness and health promotion.