Global Scholars Program

Global Scholars— Make a World of Difference.

Starting your first semester at Pacific, the Global Scholars Program prepares you to find your place in the world and to serve the global community.

Whether you plan to study biology, exercise science, psychology, or international studies, the Global Scholars Program allows you to bring an international and diverse focus to any major.

As a first-year student you will take a course during the fall semester focused on an international topic, and will travel abroad during the winter term with your Global Scholar classmates and faculty to learn firsthand about the topic.

From that foundation, you may expand your global and cultural learning with study or internships abroad, an internationally focused set of core courses, and an internationally-focused senior capstone.

Who are Global Scholars?

Global Scholars believe that there is strength in diversity. We learn to communicate effectively and appropriately across difference.

Global Scholars are curious and open, empathetic and compassionate. We are willing to make mistakes and learn from them.

Global Scholars come from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds. We join the journey of intercultural development through learned and lived experience.

Global Scholars are a work in progress. We understand that intercultural competence develops over time and with practice.

Become a Global Scholar

Apply to be part of the 2020 Global Scholars First Year Cohort. Applications open October 1, 2019

2020 First Year Travel Stipends.

Apply for First Year Travel stipend to participate in select Spring 2020 travel courses.  Available 2019-20 only.


Contact Us

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