Meal Plans

Our dining service provider, Bon Appétit, takes special care to offer students a wide variety of entrée items (including vegetarian, vegan, and made without gluten). You can view the current week’s menus through their website.

The “board” portion of “room and board,” commonly referred to as the meal plan, is required of almost every residential student. All students who have not fulfilled the residency requirement are required to have a Full Meal Plan, no matter where they live on campus. Additionally, students who have fulfilled the residency requirement and live in rooms/units without full kitchens must have a Full Meal Plan (i.e. kitchenettes do not count). There are no exemptions provided for the meal plan requirement. 

Plans are based on the average number of meals per week, counting one meal swipe per meal period. The fall meal plan ends and the spring plan begins mid-January. Students with a meal plan in the fall will automatically be signed up for the same plan for the spring.

For current pricing information, please see the Housing Rates page.

Meals: One meal swipe is subtracted from your Meal Plan account each time you eat in the Pacific Café or take a meal to go using a Bon Appétit to-go box (available for purchase). Meal swipes can also be used in the Market for the salad bar and entrée station. Any unused meals will be forfeited in mid-January for fall and mid-May for spring. No credit or refund is issued for meals not taken.

Declining Balance: Some meal plans include Declining Balance, which is another way you can purchase meals or snacks. Declining Balance is honored at Pacific Café, Forest Grove Market, the coffee shop and the Hillsboro Market. The purchase amount is subtracted from the balance in your account, which lives on your Student ID card. One Declining Balance dollar equals $1 in value. Declining Balance carries over from fall to spring semester for students who remain on the meal plan. Declining Balance remaining at the completion of spring semester (mid-May) is non-refundable.

This page reflects meal plan information for the 2024-2025 school year. Click here to view meal plan information for the 2023-2024 academic year.

Full Meal Plans

Available to all residential and non-residential students. 

  • Boxer 21 meal plan
  • Boxer 17 meal plan + $200 Declining Balance per semester
  • Boxer 14 meal plan + $300 Declining Balance per semester

Each plan also includes 14 complimentary guest meal swipes for you to purchase a meal for a friend or family member.

The Pacific Café offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner on weekdays and continental breakfast, brunch and dinner on weekends. Students on Boxer 21 will have enough meal swipes to eat during all of those meals, should they choose to do so. Students on Boxer 17 have swipes to eat on average 2.4 meals a day, and students on Boxer 14 have swipes to eat on average 2 meals per day.

Students required to have a meal plan are automatically signed-up for Boxer 21. Students can switch to another Full Meal Plan during the first two weeks of the fall and spring semesters by submitting a meal plan change form in your eRezLife account.

Commuter Meal Plans

Available to all non-residential students, as well as residential students who have already fulfilled the residency requirement and live in a unit with a full kitchen.

  • Commuter meal plan: has enough swipes to eat on average 5 meals per week
  • Commuters can also purchase one of the Full Meal Plans listed above

Meal plans are billed twice a year (Fall semester and Spring semester). For current pricing information, please see the Housing Rates page.

Changing a Meal Plan

There is an option to change your Meal Plan during the first two weeks of Fall and Spring semesters by completing a Meal Plan Change Form in your eRezLife account (this form is only available during those specific times). Only one Meal Plan change request may be submitted per Meal Plan Change Period in the Fall and Spring semester.

Boxer Bucks

Any student can also purchase Boxer Bucks at any time during the semester. Students do this to supplement their existing meal plan or to give them another easy way to get meals if they commute. Boxer Bucks work like Declining Balance and can be used in the same locations.

Boxer Bucks are offered in increments of $100, $200, and $300 and can be purchased multiple times. Each purchase is a one-time purchase and does not repeat each semester. Students can request more Boxer Bucks by submitting a new form ("Add Boxer Bucks" in your eRezLife account). Like Declining Balance, unused Boxer Bucks are not refundable. Unlike Declining Balance, remaining Boxer Bucks roll over to the next academic year and can be used in the summer when dining locations are open.

Dietary Needs

Bon Appétit Managers and chefs are well-trained to help you with your food allergy needs. In our kitchens, we cook from scratch so we can be nimble and flex to meet your specific needs without being boring.

  • Our scratch-based cooking system means we have control over ingredients.
  • We offer robust vegan and vegetarian options, as well as ones made without gluten-containing ingredients.
  • The Pacific Café is a nut-free kitchen and includes the "oasis station" at each meal service, which is free of the top 9 allergens (dairy, eggs, nuts, peanuts, fish, shellfish, wheat, soy, sesame) and prepared with separate cookware. 
  • Our rigorous protocol for handling various food allergens is in line with FARE recommendations for restaurants.
  • We can help you manage your diet on an individual basis, speak to your on-site café manager anytime about your needs.

Students who have a medically documented health condition and want assistance navigating Bon Appétit's dining options can choose to participate in the Dietary Needs process.

Here’s how it works:

  • Request a Dietary Needs Input form by emailing Lisa Aiello, and complete it with your primary physician. You are encouraged to make your request prior to the first day of classes.
  • Your primary physician must complete the form and submit answers to the required questions on their official letterhead. Then they return the documents directly to Lisa Aiello.
  • After the required information is received from your primary physician, a meeting will be set-up within 10-business days for you with the Bon Appétit General Manager, the Executive Chef, and Director of Student Affairs Operations and Strategic Initiatives. You will have the opportunity to share your dietary situation, and they will work with you to make a specific plan that meets your needs. This group consults with the Office of Accessibility & Accommodations as needed.

Note: The 10-business day time frame is an estimate and may vary due to the schedules of those involved in the process.

Limited Meal Service

Limited meal service is defined as limited locations, limited hours of service, and limited menu items. May occur during Holiday Breaks, Semester Breaks, and Spring Break. During the Summer, most locations are closed.

Meal plans are subject to change.