A Career in Health Professions

If you are interested in a career in health professions, as well as other professional careers that require a graduate degree, you have come to the right place. Pacific University offers undergraduate and graduate programs and provides pre-professional tracks to help you get started. In addition, by attending Pacific University as an undergraduate, you will be well positioned for our graduate programs.

Pre-professional Tracks

We offer pre-professional tracks in our undergraduate offerings to prepare you for graduate and professional programs at Pacific University. Pre-professional tracks provide curricular pathways as well as specialized advising for students preparing for specific graduate programs in medicine, dentistry, optometry and selected other health professions. These tracks also provide opportunities and career preparation to meet professionals in these fields and to network with peers pursuing similar interests.

Advantage Scholars Program

The Advantage Scholars Program provides specialized programming for any student pursuing a career in the health professions, as well as clearly defined pathways for exceptionally well-prepared undergraduate students to move seamlessly into a Pacific graduate program of their choice in the health professions, optometry, speech-language pathology or social work.


Figuring out where to get started can be confusing. At Pacific University our Undergraduate and Graduate Admissions teams will make it easy.

Graduate and Professional Programs

By attending Pacific University as an undergraduate and participating in a pre-professional track you will be positioned to explore the next steps in your personal education in our graduate and professional programs.