Pacific University’s chemistry program offers a challenging academic experience, marked by heightened personal attention from faculty with an emphasis on applying knowledge in lab settings. Students are introduced to scientific discovery through directed projects dealing with the study of matter — its properties, transformations and, ultimately, its applications to materials, biology and manufacturing.


  • Scientific inquiry starts in the first-year chem lab and continues through a senior capstone that can include a research thesis, internship or independent study
  • Access state-of-the-art equipment for nuclear magnetic resonance, mass spectrometry, fluorescence and atomic emissions spectroscopy
  • Integrated computer technology
  • Take part in internships and research programs
  • Join the ranks of successful Pacific University chemistry alumni, including those at Top 10 research universities, at companies such as Intel and Nike, and in health, manufacturing and education fields


We offer a full range of courses, including advanced studies in organic, bioinorganic, solid state, environmental and surface chemistry, instrumentation, biochemistry, thermodynamics, kinetics and quantum mechanics. In addition, coursework includes the development and understanding of good scientific communication. Coursework over four years provides the basis for entry into a variety of professional programs, such as medicine and other health professions, as well as graduate study in related fields or immediate employment in industry. Our students present talks in the department seminar and often travel to regional and national scientific meetings to present their research findings.


Pacific’s chemistry major and minor are proven pathways to rewarding careers in health professions, research, industry, business and education. Students gain a broad range of technical skills and emerge as creative problem solvers. Many graduates accept positions in local manufacturing and health industries immediately after graduating. Others pursue advanced study in the medical sciences or chemistry. Our graduates are also high school teachers, and Fulbright Scholars.