Pacific University’s mathematics program offers an education that is both broad and deep. Its breadth enables students to pursue a wide variety of careers and postgraduate programs, while its depth prepares students to enter these at an extremely high level of competence. The new specializations in actuarial science, biomathematics, secondary mathematics education, and advanced mathematics provide graduates with essential skills for immediate entry into business, industry, education or graduate school.


  • Take courses in all fundamental areas of undergraduate mathematics
  • Learn alongside award-winning faculty members who are dedicated to their students. Faculty members conduct research, author textbooks, travel overseas to work with budding mathematicians in developing nations, and play an active role in influencing mathematics curriculum nationwide.
  • Enjoy an abundance of extracurricular opportunities, such as Math Club, International Mathematical Modeling Competition, Putnam Exam Teams, Colloquium Series, conferences, social events, and grading and tutoring opportunities
  • Prepare for graduate school with a curriculum based on guidelines by the Mathematical Association of America
  • Use excellent facilities, including student study space, a computer lab with statistical and mathematical software and a mathematical games library


The curriculum in the mathematics major is based on the guidelines of the Mathematical Association of America and gives students the ideal preparation for entrance into graduate school and careers. Courses are available in all fundamental areas of undergraduate mathematics, including calculus, linear algebra, discrete mathematics, mathematical modeling, probability and statistics, differential equations, real analysis, complex analysis, abstract algebra, number theory and geometry.


The Pacific University mathematics program prepares graduates to excel in careers and advanced studies in a wide variety of disciplines, including actuarial science, financial mathematics, mathematical biology, mathematics research, education, law, engineering and business. Our graduates are actuarial science professionals, math finance officers, software developers, research assistants in health and government, and mathematics instructors.

Mathematics & Computer Science Department

The mathematics program is part of a department that also offers a major and minor in computer science.