Overview of Services

Purchasing Policies & Procedures (pdf)

The Purchasing Policies and Procedures manual above provides an overview of services offered by the Purchasing Department. More information specific to University Credit cards, Purchase Orders, Capital Equipment, and vendors can be found below. 

To meet deadlines, process invoices, reimbursements, and PO’s/Blanket PO’s, you currently have multiple options:

Send your Documents Electronically - send to purchasing@pacificu.edu

This method is preferred at this time. 

Purchasing will accept scanned copies of receipts with DocuSign budget approval. The budget authority should scan the requests to purchasing@pacificu.edu. Please ensure that the packet is complete and legible. Do not overlap receipts — the full receipt/invoice must be viewable for auditing. Please be sure the PO # is referenced, with the account # to charge, signature and date approved noted on the invoice.

Deliver Requests to the Mail Room

Mail Services is located in the UC on the lower level. There is a mail slot to the left of the main entrance to the mail room.  Please refrain from calling CPS as their time should be reserved for emergencies.   

Purchase Orders/Requisitions

Purchase Requisition Instructions (pdf)
Purchase Requisition Form (pdf)
Online Requisition procedure (pdf)

University Credit Cards

Credit Card Policy (updated 11/29/22) 

Credit Card Manual    (updated 9/14/22)

Credit Card forms: 

CC-2 Missing Receipt Form (pdf)
CC-4 Dispute Form (pdf)

Gift, Award or Prizes:

Gift, Award or Prize Policy (pdf)

This policy is intended to clarify the University’s expectations and requirements regarding purchasing gifts, gift cards, awards, and prizes utilizing university and student funds.  In addition, this policy outlines when gifts, gift cards, awards, and prizes may be appropriate, the proper procedure for submitting recipient information, the corresponding tax treatment, and to help prevent any potential fraud or misuse of university resources. 

This policy applies to all Pacific University employees, students, and non-employees associated with the University.

PUNID Required to view policy. 

POL-BUS4302 Frequently Asked Questions 

Gift, Award or Prize Form  (pdf)

Instructions for Gift, Award or Prize Form

Multiple Gift Card Excel Spreadsheet Template

Travel Bank System

*For additional assistance, please reach out to the Visa Admin support team at Visaadmin@pacificu.edu

Travel Bank Training Video

Travel Bank Cardholder User Guides

Travel Bank FAQs


Travel Bank Maintenance Request Form

Capital Equipment

Fixed Asset Disposition Form (pdf)
Fixed Asset Worksheet (pdf)

Contractual Services

           Shredding Change Form   Please use this form for any shredding change requests and submit to purchasing@pacificu.edu

Furniture — Standards

Approved Office Chairs:

HBC Performance 6004  HBC Performance 7754  HBC Performance 7704  Hon Ignition  Hon Solve  Pro Line 90662  Pro Line 92893  RFM Evolve

You may purchase any of these chairs from any vendor available. 

If you want a vendor to recommend a chair - please contact Tony Hanauska from J. Thayer - phone 503.866.4152 tonyh@jthayer.com 

He can deliver, set up and show you how to adjust the chair

Home Office Equipment Instructions & Request From  (pdf)


Office Depot - Eric Bell - 415-254-5227 phone - eric.bell@workspaceinteriorsod.com

J. Thayer & Company - Tony Hanauska - 503-684-7874 phone - tonyh@jthayer.com

Fiscal Year End Deadlines

2023-2024 Year End Deadlines

Grants & Sponsored Research

Allowable Costs - Grants (pdf)
Unallowable Costs - Grants (pdf)
Guideline for Grant Cost Transfers (pdf)


Contact Us

General Contact


Fax 503-352-2904

Procurement Specialist-Buyer | Echo Castor

503-352-2275 | ecastor@pacificu.edu

Senior Purchasing Assistant | Tana Spiering
503-352-2265| tana.s@pacificu.edu

Mailing Address | Purchasing, 2043 College Way, Forest Grove, OR 97116

Location | AuCoin Hall, Suite 209

Toll Free | 877-PAC-UNIV (ask for ext. 2275)