Guaranteed Grad School Admission with Pacific Priority

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Experience accessible graduate school with Pacific Priority’s guaranteed admission program and discover new ways to turn your passions into a lifelong career.

We’re saving you a spot in some of our most celebrated graduate and professional programs! Pacific Priority, our new admissions pathway, contains an innovative guaranteed admissions program that allows you to continue right on through to your advanced degree straight from undergrad. 

Graduate school has become an increasingly common — and at times necessary — option for those seeking to make more money and advance their career.

27% of employers now seek out candidates with master’s degrees or higher, making graduate and professional programs more essential than ever before. 

But with this increased demand has also come increased accessibility. 

Guaranteed admission programs, those which promise conditional acceptance into an associated graduate-level program while completing your bachelor’s degree, have grown in popularity.

But what exactly are guaranteed admission programs, and how can they help you start your career faster and with less debt? Let’s dive in.


What is Guaranteed Admission?

Guaranteed admission (sometimes called guaranteed acceptance) is a type of program that empowers undergraduate students by securing their place in an associated graduate program prior to graduation.

For example: a student in a pre-physical therapy track with guaranteed admission will have a promised space in that same school’s physical therapy graduate program given they fulfill certain academic prerequisites.

Students who pursue guaranteed admission can be accepted into graduate programs as early as their first year of college, establishing a path for long-term success early on.

Unemployment rates are lower and income is higher for those with a master’s degree compared to those with only a bachelor’s.

Guaranteed admission can help you earn more throughout your career and advance more quickly toward your passions with an advanced professional degree.  

Why Should I Choose Schools with Guaranteed Admissions Programs?   

Traditionally, students have been encouraged to explore different universities from the one at which they received their bachelor’s degree.

However, there are many tangible benefits to continuing your education at the same school at which you completed your undergrad.

Pursuing a guaranteed admissions program means:

  • Saving money. Because you have already been accepted, certain guaranteed admission programs can streamline or accelerate the process of getting your advanced degree.

    This means less money spent during school and the ability to launch your career faster.                     

  • Spending less time on applications. The process of gathering transcripts, recommendation letters, and submitting applications can be intensely time-consuming.

    Guaranteed admission allows you to skip all of it, including graduate school application fees.

  • Creating lasting connections with faculty. Whether as an advisor, professor, or administrator, guaranteed admissions allows you to spend more time around those who inspire you most.

  • Pursue long-term research. By continuing your education at the same institution, any research or projects you’ve taken part in can continue on seamlessly at the next level.

Can Guaranteed Admissions Help Me Start My Career?  

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As employers move further to requiring advanced degrees for certain roles, going to graduate or professional school becomes more valuable to kickstarting your career.

Getting an advanced degree can provide a boost to several different kinds of healthcare careers, and guaranteed admissions can help ensure that you can enter your desired field prepared to earn more and make an impact.

For example, the training to become an optician (which can include college coursework) results in starting salaries of up to $44,000, but with guaranteed admission to an associated optometry program you can earn up to 75% more in your career. 

Spending more time at one institution through guaranteed graduate admissions also allows you to form greater bonds in the community through practicum, residency, and internship opportunities at both the undergraduate and graduate level. 

These experiences can result in lasting career opportunities as you form close connections with organizations through long-term communication.

Pacific Priority

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Available for both current undergraduate students and new students entering Pacific in 2024-2025, Pacific Priority is a new admissions pathway for guaranteed admissions to some of our most innovative graduate and professional programs. 

As early as your first year as an undergraduate you can be accepted into a graduate program that matches your passions. As long as your undergraduate academic performance continues to meet the required conditions, your place in graduate school is secure.

With early acceptance, you can stop worrying about graduate school applications and just focus on your education and career goals. And even if your plans change, it's not too late. As you learn more about yourself and your interests, you can revisit guaranteed grad school admission again as a junior. All along the way, academic advising will be there to support your studies and make sure that you're making progress towards your goals.

Guaranteed graduate admissions programs at Pacific University include:

Every single one of our guaranteed admission programs features instruction from expert faculty, an expansive and inclusive curriculum, and relevant job training in real-world scenarios.

Learn more about Pacific Priority by connecting with your personalized admissions counselor and take the guesswork out of getting an advanced degree.