Guaranteed Grad School Admission

You have a plan for your future, and we’re here to help you achieve it.

Guaranteed Grad School Admission

The Pacific University Guaranteed Grad School Admission Program provides a clear path for Pacific students to move seamlessly and efficiently from undergraduate to graduate school.

Participating students can apply to the Pacific University graduate school program of their choice — as incoming freshman or during their junior year of undergraduate — and are guaranteed a place in that grad program, provided they continue to meet program-specific criteria.

Priority admission students have the peace of mind that there is a place reserved for them in their graduate program and that they clearly understand the criteria and achievements expected of them in order to progress to grad school.

First-Year Dual Admission

Students may apply for guaranteed grad school admission even before they start college — just as soon as they have deposited to attend Pacific. Get your access code from Admissions once you deposit in order to complete your Guaranteed Grad School Admission application. Once you receive your guaranteed grad school admission, complete your undergraduate studies as usual, with academic advisors helping you stay on track with your graduate program requirements. When you complete your bachelor’s degree, your spot is waiting in your graduate program.

Junior-Year Dual Admission

We know that plans change as we learn more about ourselves and our interests. If you didn’t apply for guaranteed grad school admission as a first-year student, you’ve changed your mind about your plans, or you transfer to Pacific from another school, it’s not too late. Students may apply for guaranteed grad school admission as a junior. When they complete their bachelor’s degree, their spot is waiting in their graduate program.

**Any current Pacific undergraduate student may now apply. Students planning to start graduate school in Fall 2024 or Fall 2025 may receive delayed admission, as certain classes are already filled. Get your application access code (PUNetID required).**

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Guaranteed Grad School Admission Program students who meet the provided criteria are assured a place in their graduate program. However, students may need to complete a basic graduate program application for admission to satisfy record keeping requirements.

Types of Guaranteed Grad School Admission

There are several different structures, or plans of study, within Pacific’s Guaranteed Grad School Admission Program.

4+ Dual Admission Program

Most dual admission programs are 4+ programs. That means students spend four years in undergraduates and begin graduate school in Year 5.

Accelerated Dual Admission Programs

In an accelerated dual admission program, students start their graduate program during their fourth year of college. Sometimes this means students complete their undergraduate degree in three years and then start graduate school in Year 4. Sometimes, the fourth year of undergraduate and the first year of graduate school overlap, and the student earns their bachelor’s after Year 4. 

Earning Graduate Credits as an Undergraduate

Under specified circumstances, full-time undergraduate students at Pacific may enroll in graduate courses for credit toward their bachelor’s degree at no extra cost. Students do not need to be admitted to a graduate program in order to enroll in these courses, and the completion of some graduate credits as an undergraduate can reduce time and/or cost if the student goes on to enroll in the graduate program. Learn More

When to Apply for Guaranteed Grad School Admission

First-Year Students

Apply to grad school when you submit your deposit to Pacific as an undergraduate, and secure your place in the Pacific graduate program of your choice after you complete your bachelor’s. 

Transfer and Continuing Students

Plans change as we learn more about ourselves and our interests. Apply to grad school as a transfer student coming to Pacific or during your junior year to secure your place in the Pacific graduate program of your choice after you complete your bachelor’s.

How to Apply for Guaranteed Grad School Admission

Students may apply to a graduate program either when they submit their deposit to Pacific as a freshman or during the first semester of their junior year at Pacific.

In some dual admission programs, it’s beneficial to apply as a freshman, because certain graduate programs require specific undergraduate majors as part of the plan of study. Other graduate programs are feasible for almost all undergraduate majors.

Students and families are encouraged to reach out to the Academic & Career Advising Center to discuss guaranteed grad school admissions options, ask questions about specific programs, and plan their course of study.

Choose Your Graduate Program

The following Pacific University graduate and professional programs participate in guaranteed grad school admission. Explore the program-specific options and learn how to apply to the program of your choice.

Doctor of Audiology (AuD) | Requirements
Doctor of Occupational Therapy (OTD) | Requirements
Doctor of Optometry (OD) | Requirements
Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) | Requirements
Master of Science in Athletic Training (MSAT) | Requirements
Master of Business Administration (MBA) | Requirements
Master of Nonprofit Leadership (MNL) | Requirements
Master of Social Work (MSW) | Requirements
Master of Education (MEd) | Requirements
Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) | Requirements
Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology (SLP) | Requirements