Latinx Studies Faculty

Ximena Keogh Serrano
Assistant Professor

Ximena Keogh Serrano is an assistant professor of Spanish and Latinx Studies at Pacific University. Her areas of specialization lie at the intersection of Latin American and U.S. Latinx literary and cultural studies, and studies in gender and sexuality.

Associate Professor

Victor Rodríguez teaches Spanish at Pacific University.

Professor of Spanish

Nancy Christoph's teaching interests include Mexican literature and culture, Mexican-American literature and culture, and 20th century Latin American narrative.


Alyson Burns-Glover is a professor of psychology whose research areas and specializations include Gender, Culture, and Personal Relatinships; Ethnic Identity and Sociocultura Psychology; Environmental Attitudes, Beliefs, and Behaviors; and Personality and Social Identity Effects on Academic Performance.

Associate Professor; Soc/Anth/CJLS/GSS Department Chair

Daniel Eisen, PhD is an Assistant Professor at Pacific University whose research is situated in the study of race, ethnic identity, and racial and ethnic relations. Employing critical race theory and grounded theory methodologies, his research examines Filipino ethnic identity development in Hawai‘i. 

Associate Professor

Dawn Salgado is an associate professor for the College of Arts & Science.



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A professor in the English Department, Darlene Pagán teaches creative writing and contemporary literature. She is an Associate Editor in Poetry for Airlie Press, and her publications include poetry (Setting the Fires and Blue Ghosts) and essays. She's at work on a memoir, The Safest Place to Fall, as well as a novel.

Director, Global Short-Term Studies, Advisor for International Studies

Mike Miller oversees and encourages travel courses and other short term study abroad, is the Advisor for International Studies, and teaches courses in the area.