Greek Life

Since 1863, Pacific University has been home to several Greek organizations. Greek Life at Pacific University is made up of local sororities and fraternities which are governed by Greek Senate.

Pacific University Greek Senate

Pacific University Greek Senate (PUGS) is a group formed by representatives of the fraternities and sororities at Pacific.

President | Olivia Chau,
Advisor | Denise Geisbers,

Alpha Kappa Delta

President | Sophia Mercado,
Advisor | Denise Geisbers,

Delta Chi Delta

President | Jacquelyn Tufts,

Advisor | Michelle Lawrence,

Phi Lambda Omicron

President | Mya Kimberly,
Advisor | Angela Surratt,

Pi Kappa Rho

President | Bob Sagers,
Advisor | Denise Giesbers,

Theta Nu Alpha

President | Anna Klein,
Advisor | Becca Ellenbecker,