Greek Life

Since 1863, Pacific University has been home to several Greek organizations. Greek Life at Pacific University is made up of local sororities, fraternities, and a diaternity which are governed by the Greek Senate. The four pillars of Greek Life are scholarship, friendship, service, and leadership. It is through these pillars that we work to embrace our members, the campus and extended community. Follow us on instagram @pugsgreeksenate

Pacific University Greek Senate

Pacific University Greek Senate (PUGS) is a group formed by representatives of the fraternities, sororities and Diaternity at Pacific.

President | Ellinor Allen,
Advisor | Denise Geisbers,
VP of Recruitment | Alex Kerstetter
VP of Finance | Jillian Lamb
VP of Programming | Jazz Burns
VP of Inter-Greek Relations | Lillian Mickson
VP of Communications | Prim Prasertsri


Alpha Kappa Delta

President | Kara Yoshiyama,
Advisor | Denise Geisbers,


Delta Chi Delta

Chapter Values:
The Deltas are a service-oriented Greek chapter for LGBTQIA+ folks and allies. The term "diaternity” means “transcending boundaries”, and as such we welcome people of all gender identities to join us. Our core values are equity, authenticity, loyalty, and service, meaning that we actively support each other and our community, ensure that every member’s needs are met, and provide a safe space for member self-expression and identity formation. We also pride ourselves on our good vibes and wholesome memes. 

President | Zack Robie,
Advisor | Michelle Lawrence,


Phi Lambda Omicron

Chapter Values:
The Phi Lambda Omicron chapter values are siblinghood, respect, open-mindedness, kindness, academic excellence, and loyalty. We create a sense of community on campus, and give a support system to new and returning members. We are loyal, respectful, and kind to our siblings, and are open-minded to one another and our differences. Our legacy of academic excellence ties into our original roots as a literary society, and it’s a memory of our siblings before us.

President | Dahlia McNeice,
Advisor | Angela Surratt,


Pi Kappa Rho
Fraternity - Co-ed

Chapter Values:
Pi Kappa Rho is an all-inclusive co-ed fraternity, campus-oriented group of students and therefore: The Pi Kappa Rho Fraternity seeks to create a community of students focused on strength, positivity, humor, and philanthropy; to support them in finding a sense of belonging, and to facilitate bonds that will last a lifetime through the power of social gathering, play, and camaraderie.

President | Jonah Greenberg,
Advisor | Denise Giesbers,


Theta Nu Alpha

Chapter values:
The Theta Nu Alpha sorority values are empowerment, kindness, personal growth, and Respect. Theta Nu alpha members live by the mottos of being “True to the end” and “Never leave a sister behind”. Members of Theta Nu Alpha work for the cause of women empowerment, including our Philanthropy.

President | Piper Neal,
Advisor | Becca Ellenbecker,


Order of Omega - Rho Omega Chapter
National Greek Life Honor Society

President | Alex Kerstetter,
Advisor | Denise Geisbers,


Upcoming Events

10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. | Monday, April 24, 2023
Forest Grove, Washburne University Center, Multi-Purpose Room (MPR)
10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. | Tuesday, April 25, 2023
Forest Grove, Washburne University Center, Multi-Purpose Room (MPR)