School of Pharmacy Student Ambassadors

The Student Ambassador Club is made up of approximately 60 students from the first and second years of the program. The Ambassadors provide tours to prospective students during events at the Hillsboro Campus. Ambassadors also work very closely with the Admissions Office in providing an invaluable resource for prospective students, especially during our admissions interview days.

Please feel free to contact our current officers with questions regarding the pharmacy program! (Click on their red name to email them)

School of Pharmacy Student Ambassador Club Officers


President | Ben Delos Reyes, '19

Undergraduate education | BA in Anthropology, Minor in Chemistry, San Diego State University

Hometown | San Diego, CA

Reason I chose Pacific University | I decided to attend Pacific University’s School of Pharmacy because of the school’s atmosphere at my interview day. I had the opportunity to interview at a few other pharmacy schools, but Pacific and its students simply blew me away. Everyone at Pacific made me feel so comfortable and at ease during such a stressful time that it made me feel like I was already a part of the school. The school also offers plenty of extracurricular activities to ensure professional and personal development.

My hobbies | Trying new places to eat, shopping, hiking, relaxing and sleeping. 

#1 tip for prospective PacificU students | Time management is key. The program is fast paced so keeping track and staying on top of assignments will help you succeed. Having good time management can also help you allocate time to have fun, which is also essential for this program!





Vice President | Kristin Okamura, '19

Undergraduate education | BA in Chemistry, Saint Martin's University, Olympia, WA

Hometown | Honolulu, HI

Reason I chose Pacific University | The reason why I chose Pacific University was how the pharmacy program highly promoted inclusiveness and diversity. Growing up in Hawaii, those core values were emphasized and they are significantly important to me. I applied early decision to Pacific University because it was located in the Pacific Northwest and it was an accelerated three-year program. After my interview day, everyone made me feel comfortable, welcomed, and I truly felt like I was meant to be apart of the program.    

My hobbies | Shopping, Make up, Playing Volleyball, Going to the beach, and Going out with friends

#1 tip for prospective PacificU students | Make sure you know how to prioritize your workload for school, social life, and possible student organizations you may get involved in. Our program can get stressful and overwhelming at times, so by finding a balance, you will be a successful pharmacy student. 




Secretary | Rachel Le, '19

Undergraduate education | B.S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of California Irvine

Hometown | Anaheim, CA

Reasons I chose Pacific University | The initial reason that guided me to apply to Pacific University was because of the three-year program with special block system. However, the amazing experience I had during my interview day was also a significant factor that made me want to join Pacific family. All professors, faculty members, and student ambassadors were so professional, friendly, and helpful, which made it the most welcoming interview day I had been to. In addition, Pacific School of Pharmacy provides many volunteer opportunities that allow its students to practice and give back to communities. 

My hobbies | Yoga, swimming, hiking, and baking


#1 tip to prospective PacificU student | Time management is very important. Find study habits that balance your school schedule and extra curriculum activities. Keep in mind that many people from the program are always willing to help you if you ever feel overwhelmed. 




Public Relations | Claire Rutledge, '19

Undergraduate education | B.S. in Biology, Gonzaga University  

Hometown | Beaverton, OR

Reason I chose Pacific University | I chose Pacific because it's close to home, it's a 3 year program, and the block style curriculum fit my study style. On my interview day I was drawn to how welcoming and friendly the faculty and students were. I knew that I could call Pacific my home after that interview day. Since then, I've made amazing friends and I am happy that I made the decision to attend! 

My hobbies | Running, soccer, watching baseball games, NCAA March Madness, Grey's Anatomy, cooking, exploring the PNW

#1 tip to prospective PacificU student | Find an outlet or something fun outside of school. Staying active is a great stress relief for me! It's important to find balance in your life so that you don't become overwhelmed with everything going on in school. Also, everyone learns differently so find a study method that works best for you. 




Treasurer | Chance Baldonado, '19

Undergraduate education | B.S. in Biology, Pacific University

Hometown | Ewa Beach, Hawaii

Reason I chose Pacific University | I chose Pacific because of the accelerated program.  The block schedule really appealed to me because it allows students to focus on one course at a time.  The faculty and staff are dedicated to student success and growth.  In addition, the Ambassadors on my interview day were really welcoming and friendly.  I was assured that I wouldn’t be alone in my pharmacy school journey; the Ambassadors emphasized that faculty and classmates would be there to help me.

My hobbies | Cooking, baking, shopping, and running.

#1 tip to prospective PacificU student | Make sure you stay on top of your studies, but also find some time for fun.  This program is really demanding so it is easy to feel burnt out if you don't make time for yourself.  If you are not from here, explore the beauty of the Pacific Northwest.