School of Pharmacy Student Ambassadors

Group photo of School of Pharmacy Ambassadors

The Student Ambassador Club is made up of approximately 60 students from the first and second years of the program. The Ambassadors provide tours to prospective students during events at the Hillsboro Campus. Ambassadors also work very closely with the Admissions Office in providing an invaluable resource for prospective students, especially during our admissions interview days.

Please feel free to contact our current officers with questions regarding the pharmacy program! Click on their names to email them, or use this QR code to see the Pacific University School of Pharmacy Facebook page.

School of Pharmacy Student Ambassador Club Officers

President | Jordan Smith, '20

Undergraduate education | BS in Business in Management, Lynn University

Hometown | St Louis, MO

Reason I chose Pacific University | I chose to apply to Pacific University School of Pharmacy for the accelerated format and block learning system, but I chose to attend this school because of my interview experience. It was obvious that this program really focused on teamwork and student success. On my interview day, everyone I interacted with from faculty to students all made me feel so welcome.

My hobbies | In my free time I enjoy hiking, reading, and trips to the coast.

#1 tip for prospective Pacific students | My #1 tip for prospective students is learn how to manage your time and your stress. It is important to give yourself enough study time and time to relax. Make your health a priority, exercising is a great way to relieve some stress. 

Vice President | Kelle Miyama, '20

Undergraduate education | BS in Biology, Minor in Mathematics, Pacific University

Hometown | Kailua, HI

Reason I chose Pacific University | I chose Pacific because of the people. Interview day can be super stressful, but the faculty, staff, and students that were present made the day easier for me and were extremely welcoming. It is often used that Pacific is "pharmily" and this is definitely the case. Everyone is welcoming and more than willing to help you when you may be struggling.    

My hobbies | Hobbies include sports (baseball, basketball, soccer, football, anything pretty much), video games, eating and trying new food places, and being active as much as possible!

#1 tip for prospective Pacific students | Major tip for prospective students is to be able to manage your time. An accelerated program is something that cannot be taken lightly and due dates come up on you quick. Being able to balance social life, school, and organizations may seem daunting, but planning out your schedule keeps things in order and opens up time for you to relax along the way!

Secretary | Jessica Slonaker, '20

Undergraduate education | BS of General Science, Minor in Biology, Portland State University

Hometown | Portland, OR

Reasons I chose Pacific University |  I chose Pacific because I loved the emphasis on teamwork, and the ability to work closely with professors. We are truly fortunate to have incredible professors who are invested in our success.

My hobbies | I love tacos and zumba! There nothing better after a long day than to dance my troubles away, and I don't miss zumba, even the night before exam days! As for tacos, we once went to three taco places back-to-back so we could accurately assess who had the best taco!

#1 tip to prospective Pacific students | For prospective students I would just like to recommend that you schedule in the things you love to do. You will still have some free time while in school, and when you give yourself time for what you enjoy, such as zumba for myself, then you will come back to your studies mentally refreshed, and that makes all the difference!

Treasurer | Van Tang, '20

Undergraduate education | BS in Health Science, Minor in Community Health Education, CSU, Sacramento  

Hometown | Sacramento, CA

Reason I chose Pacific University | When doing my research for prospective schools, it was Pacific University School of Pharmacy’s modified blocked three-year accelerated program that interested me. The faculty, student ambassadors, and the overall positive atmosphere experienced in a single day pushed the campus to the top of my list. The student ambassadors had a great influence on my decision as well. I had many questions, all in which were answered with sincerity and provided a voice of brightness, telling me I was going to be okay here. I enjoy being a part of an influential voice that helps prospective students learn about our program. I am able to share my knowledge of the program; more so, my experience as a student. I am truly passionate about helping others in assessing and reaching their goals.

My hobbies | I love BOBA, baking, snowboarding and Netflix (Grey's Anatomy, Power, The Resident & the list goes on..).

#1 tip to prospective Pacific students | This program is rigorous and accelerated but anything is possible if you believe. Make sure to balance your life by taking breaks and enjoy the little things in life (gym, hiking, milk tea). Also, find a study habit that works best for you, and if you ever need any help just ask. You're not alone, we're all here to support one another :)

Public Relations | Aimy Ung, '20

Undergraduate education | Major in Environmental Chemistry and Toxicology, Minor in Chemistry, Pacific University

Hometown | Honolulu, HI

Reason I chose Pacific University | I knew that Pacific was the best choice for me because while I was doing research in the School of Pharmacy Lab, I got to interact with many of the current students and faculty members and everyone here was super friendly and approachable. I attended Pacific’s undergrad for the same reason and seeing that the student life at Pacific’s Pharmacy school was similar, I really saw myself coming here to continue my Education. The accelerated program and modified block schedule also really fit my style of learning.

My hobbies | In my free time, I love cooking, baking and watching Grey’s Anatomy. I also LOVE boba, so if you ever need a boba-buddy I gotchu!

#1 tip to prospective Pacific students | Time management is key!!! Make sure to stay on top of school because this program is really demanding. Also be sure to take time for yourself and do something you love such as spending time with your love ones. The Pacific Northwest is a beautiful place so on your free time, don’t forget to Exploregon!