School of Pharmacy Student Ambassadors

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The Student Ambassador Club is made up of approximately 60 students from the first and second years of the program. The Ambassadors provide tours to prospective students during events at the Hillsboro Campus. Ambassadors also work very closely with the Admissions Office in providing an invaluable resource for prospective students, especially during our admissions interview days.

Please feel free to contact our current officers with questions regarding the pharmacy program! Click on their names to email them, or use this QR code to see the Pacific University School of Pharmacy Facebook page.

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School of Pharmacy Student Ambassador Club Officers

President | Paige Ruffier, '21

Undergraduate education | BS in Chemistry, Pacific University

Hometown | Olympia, WA

Photo of Paige Ruffier

Reason I chose Pacific University | Learning alongside classmates that are committed to helping each other succeed and achieve their goals are components that I truly value within Pacific University’s School of Pharmacy. In addition, I find that the accelerated three-year program combined with the block style curriculum is challenging and aligns well with my personal learning style. 

My hobbies | Outside of school I enjoy working as a dance teacher and at a local winery. I also love spending time with my puppy out at the Oregon Coast.

#1 tip for prospective Pacific students | I would advise prospective students to not be afraid to ask questions in class. Chances are in a classroom with over 100 students, you are not the only one who is thinking of the same question! 

Vice President | Thip Pitsnukanh, '21

Undergraduate education | BS in General Science, Portland State University

Hometown | Portland, OR

Photo of Thip

Reason I chose Pacific University | Pacific being an accelerated program was the first reason as to why I chose to apply. However, I wasn't entirely sure until it was during my interview day where I felt extremely welcomed the moment I first walked through the doors. The Ambassadors were so nice and friendly to me. Everything about that day just seemed so genuine and I loved it. I also really liked the sense of a close-knit community that I was feeling amongst the faculty members and the students. 

My hobbies | I love to spend time with my family and friends. I enjoy playing board games, going out to eat, window shopping and binge watching TV shows! I also love to travel - doesn't matter how close or far, I just love to see different places. 

#1 tip for prospective Pacific students | My number one tip for prospective students is to make friends and connect with those around you. Talk to your classmates, join organizations, participate in school events. Throughout my first year at Pacific, I was lucky to have met so many fun, generous and kind people in my class. We created study groups, shared notes with one another and celebrated our accomplishments together. It's the people you meet in class that will help you get through these challenging years while making them just as fun and memorable! 

Secretary | Sara Huffman, '21

Undergraduate education | BS in Biology, Mansfield University of Pennsylvania

Hometown | Laceyville, PA

Photo of Sara

Reasons I chose Pacific University |  I was interested in Pacific because of the accelerated program and innovative curriculum. However, I chose Pacific because of the people and the atmosphere. When I came to Pacific for interview day, I was very nervous and stressed out, but the students and faculty were extremely helpful and comforting throughout the entire process. The sense of "pharmily" I felt that day ultimately led me to choose Pacific. 

My hobbies | I enjoy hiking, crafting, baking, and volunteering in my free time. 

#1 tip to prospective Pacific students | My #1 tip for prospective students is to manage your time wisely. It is important to stay on top of studying so the material doesn't pile up, but also take time for yourself. It is easy to get overwhelmed and stressed out in an accelerated program, so keeping a self-care routine is key. 

Treasurer | Kailey Hifumi, '21

Undergraduate education | Pacific University- Major: Environmental Chemistry and Toxicology

Hometown | Mililani, HI

Photo of Kailey

Reason I chose Pacific University | I chose Pacific because the 3-year accelerated, competency-based block curriculum really appealed to me and aligned with my learning style. My interactions with students and faculty on my interview day not only alleviated my anxiety that day, but further solidified my decision to attend Pacific University. All of the students and faculty that I met on my interview day were so willing to help and ensured me that Pacific would provide me with the best resources to become a leader in my future profession.

My hobbies | In my free time I enjoy playing intramural soccer, hiking, trying new food places and drinking boba! 

#1 tip to prospective Pacific students | Take time for yourself! Finding a positive outlet to relieve stress is so important when you dedicate a lot of time to studying. Being able to unwind after class allows you to stay motivated and refreshed during the school year! Find time to go explore all that Oregon has to offer! 

Public Relations | Ivana Wu, '21

Undergraduate educationBS in Chemistry, Pacific University

Hometown | Lihue, HI


Reason I chose Pacific University | Coming from Hawaii, I instantly fell in love with Oregon and decided to go to Pacific University because of the Pharmacy program. Besides the modified 3-year block system, I chose Pacific because of the friendly and supportive atmosphere that resonates with the students and faculty. All the upperclassmen and faculty are very insightful and helped me a lot through my P1 year.

My hobbies | I love food & boba! Other things I like to do are hike, play video games, go to concerts and make arts & crafts.

#1 tip to prospective Pacific students | One tip for prospective students is to recognize that this is an accelerated and rigorous program; therefore, do not complete assignments at the last minute and know how to manage your time with everything that is going on in your life. It is important to know how you study best and do not be afraid to try different ways of studying. Although this is a challenging program, never forget to set time aside for yourself and relax!