Advising for Japanese Major

Language Head: Yasutaka Maruki

This plan for majoring in Japanese is for students no prior experience of studying Japanese. Students with some experience will start the program according to placement test results. Please complete the placement test to find the appropriate level to start the program. 

  Fall Spring
1st year JAPN 101 (4) JAPN 102 (4)
2nd year JAPN 201/202* (4) JAPN 201/202 (4)
3rd year

Study Abroad (12)** or

One 300-level course (4)***

Study Abroad (12)** or

One 300-level course (4)***

4th year

300 and 400**** level courses (8)

JAPN 490 Senior Capstone (2)

One 400**** level course (4)

JAPN 491 Senior Capstone (2)

Total 48 + one cultural elective course (2-4 credits) = 50-52

*The prerequisite for JAPN 202 is 102, not 201

**Students who study abroad for two semesters will take three upper division courses. At least two of them should be at 400 level.

***To enroll in 300 level JAPN courses, students are required to complete 8 credits of 200-level JAPN courses either by taking both JAPN 201 and 202 or by taking two 2-credit JAPN courses and one of JAPN 201 or 202.

****The prerequisiste for a 400 level course is ONE 300 level course.

One cultural elective is from ARTHI274, HIST 215, HIST 313, HIST 315, HUM 213, HUM 215, HUM/THEA351, PHIL305, WORLL 365, and Travel Courses to Japan as approved by department. 

Minor in Japanese

Sample course sequence for student with no previous study in Japanese. Students with previous study in Japanese will enter the sequence for the  minor at the level appropriate to their background. If students enter at the 300-level, they may waive the lower-division work, but are required to complete 12 credits of upper-division work.

  Fall Spring
1st year JAPN 101 (4) JAPN 102 (4)
2nd year JAPN 201 (4) JAPN 202 (4)
3rd year JAPN 300/400 (4) JAPN 300/400 (4)
Total 24 credits