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students in japan
Pacific's relationship with Japanese students dates almost back to the university's first days; now it has a firm connection to a leading university that sends students to Oregon, and accepts many others in return.
Comfort Ricketts with the First Lady of Liberia
Before Comfort Ricketts ever reached Pacific, she made a harrowing escape in Nigeria. At Pacific and afterward, she has influenced people and changed lives.
Aaron Sutton
Their ethos of community engagement made the Sutton family a perfect fit for Pacific. And they helped forge an enduring relationship between Pacific and the University of Western Australia.
Wapato replanting
A long-lost seasonal lake that was a center of life for Native Americans who lived in the Tualatin Valley two centuries ago is slowly regaining its form, thanks to the efforts of members of the Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde, the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, and volunteers from Pacific University.
Martha Cuevas-Ramos
Martha Cuevas-Ramos SLP '17, who is being awarded an Emerging Leader alumni award, knows the joy on a mother's face. She helps put it there.
Derek Brown
Derek Brown '98, MAT '99, says leadership "was a powerful idea for me." His career as an educator, policy setter, officer and musician illustrates that.
AuCoin accepts thanks from Jon George, a member of the Grand Ronde Tribal Council, at Pacific University.
Former U.S. Rep Les AuCoin (D-OR)’69, Hon. ’78, has turned over to Pacific University an extensive collection of papers documenting his life in public service. He responded by email to a set of questions from Pacific magazine’s Mike Francis about his choice to do so, issues of politics and the tenor of the political climate, as well as some personal reflections. 
Les AuCoin stands in front of the Portland skyline with Mt Hood in the background
The collected papers of Pacific alumnus and former U.S. Rep. Les AuCoin are now available to researchers, students and others at the Tran Library at Pacific University.
In the June issue of Pacific magazine, we note the passage of 50 years since the enactment of Title IX, the civil rights amendment that sought to ensure that women are treated as if they are equal to men. Many things have changed in America and at Pacific University since then.
Hallick Coyle
One president is leaving; one is entering. They share a vision for Pacific University.