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The Business Office is located on the first floor of Marsh Hall.

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Accounts Payable

**NEW** Gifts, Awards, and Prizes Policy effective July 1, 2022

Date Approved Mar. 1, 2022

Number POL-BUS4302   Gifts, Awards, and Prizes Policy

This policy is intended to clarify the University’s expectations and requirements regarding purchasing gifts, gift cards, awards, and prizes utilizing university and student funds.  In addition, this policy outlines when gifts, gift cards, awards, and prizes may be appropriate, the proper procedure for submitting recipient information, the corresponding tax treatment, and to help prevent any potential fraud or misuse of university resources. 

This policy applies to all Pacific University employees, students, and non-employees associated with the University.

The policy is approved as of 3/1/22 but will have a grace period for potential consequences or sanctions for violation of the policy until 7/1/22. 

PUNID Required to view policy. 


Operations during COVID-19 Restrictions

To meet deadlines, process invoices, reimbursements, and PO’s/BPO’s you currently have two options.

Submit by intercampus mail through the mailroom


Send your Documents Electronically

This option is temporary due to COVID-19. If choosing this option, the payee must include the following statement with their emailed/scanned receipts:

Due to the COVID-19 restrictions I’m scanning my original receipt/s for reimbursement to my school’s budget authority. I have written on each receipt “scanned for reimbursement”. I attest that I will not submit these originals again at a later date.  Once I verify receipt of the funds I will shred the original receipts.

Accounts Payable will accept scanned copies of receipts with DocuSign budget approval. The budget authority should scan the requests to Please ensure that the packet is complete and legible. Do not overlap receipts— the full receipt/invoice must be viewable for auditing.

Please note: A live signature is required on reimbursement requests when the payee has direct deposit. However, if the payee is unable to sign the request they need to acknowledge in their email that they understand the funds will be direct deposited. Remember: Payroll and Accounts Payable direct deposits are separate systems.

Deliver Requests to the Mail Room

Mail Services is located in the UC on the lower level. There is a mail slot to the left of the main entrance to the mail room. 

Information and Deadlines

  • The AP deadline for payment/reimbursement requests is 5 pm Friday for the check run the following Thursday.  Notice will be sent for holiday adjustments.
  • Payments will be issued by direct deposit or paper checks. 
  • Direct Deposit is strongly encouraged for current staff/faculty/students. 
  • Please contact the Accounts Payable team for instructions for signing up for Direct Deposit.
  • AP direct deposit is different from Payroll.
  • Paper checks will be mailed to the address listed on the request.  If no address is listed, the address will default to the home address of record. 
  • Student reimbursement checks may be mailed to UC boxes if the UC # is legibly written on the request.
  • AP will no longer hold checks for pickup.
  • AP will no longer send checks via the blue courier bag to the HPC.


University Name Badges

Effective Immediately, Staff and Faculty name badges will cost a fixed rate of $12.00 each. New order forms and instruction guidelines are available on the Accounts Payable-Business Office website. 

  • All order forms must be received by 12pm Thursday in order to be processed for submission on Friday.
  • Orders are submitted to vendors Friday at 9am
  • Orders received after deadline will be processed the following week.

Mileage Rate Change

The IRS announced the 2022 Standard Mileage Rates for Business.  Beginning on January 1, 2022, the standard mileage rate for operating a personal vehicle for business miles driven increased by 2.5 cents from 56¢ per mile to 58.5¢ per mile.  Mileage prior to and including 12/31/21 will be 56¢ per mile.

Campus map (pdf) 

The Accounts Payable Department disburses checks to vendors, staff, faculty and students for travel and expense reimbursements. We also process travel and expense advances.



This section contains forms available to download and print. For further assistance with forms, please contact a Business Office staff member.

Adobe Reader is required to view these forms and can be downloaded for free at the Adobe website.

Travel Policy

Relocation and Moving Expense Policy


US Bank Travel Card

Travel Card User Manual

University Name Badges

Object Code List

Signature Authority Memo

Signature Authority Flowchart

FY 2021 - 2022 Year end Deadlines
FY 2021 - 2022 Year end Calendar

Alcohol Policy

Grants & Sponsored Research

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