About Focal Studies

A focal study is a set of related courses, usually three. Each student must complete two Focal Studies, and all courses must be completed with a grade of C- or better. All normal course prerequisites apply.

To Start

  • Select your focal studies choices to see instructions and course options for each focal study
  • Select 2 focal studies to pursue
  • Submit Focal Studies Declaration form (pdf) to the Advising Center
  • Start taking courses that fulfill your focal studies

Instructions for all Focal Studies

Keep in mind the following instructions for all focal studies.

  • A focal study must include at least three courses (with the exception of 49 - The Study Abroad Experience) and at least 10 credits.
  • Among all of a student’s focal studies courses (excluding #49,The Study Abroad Experience), no more than 8 credits may come from the same disciplinary prefix.  EXMB and EXIP count as one disciplinary prefix as do, ENGW and ENGL, HBIO and BIOL, THEA and APTH, MUS and MT, and EDUC, ESOL, and SPED
  • The same course may not be taken for credit toward more than one of a student’s focal studies
  • A focal study may not include HUM 100, ENGW 201, ENGW 202, math courses numbered below 165 or any foreign language course at the 101 or 102 levels; it may include other courses used by the student to fulfill major, minor or other core requirements