Book Arts: Image, Text and Structure

Book Arts provides students with the experience of creating a book, from the idea stages to the final copy.

Instructions for Focal Study 48

Complete at least three courses and a minimum of 10 credits. No more than two of these courses may have the same disciplinary prefix.

Complete one course from each cluster.

First Cluster (Complete 1 course)
ARTST 119 Digital Imaging 2 credits
ARTST 206 Design for Aesthetics 4 credits
MEDA/ARTST 109 Introduction to Communication Design 2 credits
MEDA 122 Introduction to Digital Media 2 credits
ARTST 110 Basic Design (no longer offered) 4 credits
Second Cluster (Complete 1 course)
ARTST 239 The Artist Book I (no longer offered) 4 credits
ENGW 304 Writing: Book Editing & Design 4 credits
Third Cluster (Complete 1 course)
ENGW 209 Creative Nonfiction 4 credits
ENGW 208 Writing Fiction 4 credits
FREN 311 Composition and Conversation 4 credits
GER 315 Advanced Grammar and Composition 4 credits
JAPN 315 Grammar and Composition 4 credits
SPAN 315 Advanced Grammar and Composition 4 credits
THEA 380 Playwriting Seminar 4 credits


The following special topics courses may count towards the second cluster of Focal Study 48 when the topic is as below.  Request approval from the Focal Studies Advisor.

ARTST 121 The Artist Book 4 credits
ARTST 221 The Artist Book 4 credits