Science and Policy

The goal of this focal study is to give students interested in the role of science in political policy the scientific background to make informed political decisions with respect to scientific policy. Additionally, this focal study will give students the means of disseminating information regarding scientific policy to the general public or elected officials.

Instructions for Focal Study 22

Complete at least three courses and a minimum of 10 credits. No more than two of these courses may have the same disciplinary prefix.

Complete two courses from the first cluster and one course from the second cluster.

First Cluster (complete 2 courses)
ECON/ENV 333 Environmental Economics 4 credits
PH 101 Public Health 4 credits
PHIL/DS 307 Ethics, Medicine and Health Care 4 credits
PHIL 310 Philosophy of Science 4 credits
POLS 140 Introduction to U.S. Politics 4 credits
POLS/ENV 224 Environmental Politics 4 credits
POLS 302 Parties and Elections 4 credits
POLS 304 Community Politics 4 credits
POLS 306 Presidency and Congress 4 credits
Second Cluster (complete 1 course)
BIOL 170 Human Genetics 4 credits
BIOL 305 Ecology 4 credits
BIOL/ENV 325 Conservation Biology 4 credits
BIOL 330 Genetics 4 credits
CHEM 110 Chemistry and Your Environment 2 credits
CHEM 460 Environmental Chemistry 2 credits

ENV 121


ENV 200

Our Global Environment (for non-majors)


Introduction to Environmental Science (for majors)

4 credits
PHY 110 Physics of Everyday Phenomena 4 credits
PHY/ENV 160 Energy and the Environment 4 credits
PHY 325 Modern Topics in Physics 4 credits