The Culture of Violence

A study of important ideas and problems as they are reflected in the world's literature, psychology and sociology. The psychology of violence will be studied together with the ways to nourish a society to avoid what seems to be an innate aspect of the human experience: violence to achieve one's ends. War, racism, death, censorship, film, civil disobedience, minority literature and the Holocaust are examples of characteristic topics.

Instructions for Focal Study 2

Complete at least three courses and a minimum of 10 credits. No more than two of these courses may have the same disciplinary prefix.

First Cluster (complete 3 courses)
ANTH 206 Sex, Gender, Culture 4 credits
ENGL 324 Post Colonial Literature: Conquests Retold 4 credits
FREN 320 Women's Writing in the Francophone World 4 credits
GSS 201    OR SOC 102    OR SOC 110    OR SOC 120    OR SOC 130 Intro to Gender and Sexuality Studies    OR Social Problems (no longer offered)    OR Understanding the Apocalypse    OR Image, Society, and Identity    OR Stump the Sociologist 4 credits
HIST 205 The Crusades 4 credits
HIST 232 The Holocaust 4 credits
HIST 233 WWII: Global & Social Perspectives 4 credits
HIST 313 World War II in History and Memory 4 credits
HIST 335 The Era of the First World War 4 credits
HIST 342 Civil War and Reconstruction 4 credits
HIST 370 Crime, Corruption, and Scandal 4 credits
POLS 226 The Politics of Surveillance 4 credits
POLS 321 Protest, Dissent and Social Change 4 credits
SOCWK 215 Conflict Resolution 2 credits
PSY 445 Children and Violence 4 credits
SOC 366 Deviance (formerly SOC 266) 4 credits