Meet the CLASS Tutors

2020-2021 CLASS Peer Tutors 

Chemistry and Chinese Peer Tutor (he/him)

Hi! My name is Adam and I'm a Chemistry major, minoring in Biology and Chinese. I've always enjoyed working and discussing class material with my peers, as well as helping to explain concepts whenever possible. Tutoring can allow students to see concepts from the view of another peer, which is what I hope to do as a tutor!

Spanish Peer Tutor (she/her)

Hi! I am a double major in Environmental Biology and Spanish Language and Culture. I am equally passionate about both of my majors and I'm very excited to tutor Spanish students this year. Please come see me with any questions and I will do my absolute best to help you succeed in your Spanish class!

Pharmacy Peer Tutor (she/her)

Hello! I am a second-year student in the School of Pharmacy at Pacific University. I am excited to be a tutor because I am highly interested in the success of fellow students and I hope to serve as a resource, especially in these difficult times. When I am not focused on academics, I enjoy playing/snuggling with my two cats, Oreo and Nova.

Chemistry Peer Tutor (he/him)

I am a senior Chemistry & Biology major. Skiing and riding roller coasters are my favorite hobbies. Tutoring is important as it can help struggling students succeed academically.

Writing and Occupational Therapy Peer Tutor (she/her)

Hi all! I am a third year doctoral candidate of the School of Occupational Therapy. Outside of school, I enjoy fitness, the outdoors, and exploring new places with my dog, Nanuk. I look forward to empowering students to be independent and confident scholars in each and every tutoring session!

Music Theory Peer Tutor (they/them)

Charlie is a fourth-year Music Education major who is extremely passionate about music theory and helping people, so they really enjoy tutoring. They have a cat named Cooper, play way too many instruments, and enjoy making stuffed animals in their spare time.

Writing Peer Tutor (they/them)

I'm a senior majoring in Biology and Creative Writing, and minoring in English Literature. This is my second year as a CLASS writing tutor. When I'm not tutoring or in class, I'm most likely guzzling coffee and working on my creative writing capstone, a play about European portrayals of "New World" cannibals.

Dental Hygiene Peer Tutor (she/her)

Hi friends! I am currently a senior in the dental hygiene program. In my free time, I love to play my ukulele & spend time outdoors. I am also very into astrology and could talk your ear off if you'll let me. I am very eager to start tutoring! I am looking forward to being a support system for my peers and a person/friend who is here to help with anything and everything.

Physical Therapy Peer Tutor

I'm a second year in the DPT program and aside from physical therapy, I love hiking with my husband, dogs, and coffee! I'm looking forward to tutoring not only to help other students but because I see it as an opportunity to continue growing and expanding my own knowledge!

Physical Therapy Peer Tutor

I am a second-year student in Pacific University's Physical Therapy program, and I really enjoy discussing and going over the material from the classes with my fellow students! I think learning from your peers and always looking for new ways to hone your learning style is something valuable that we all can do as students, as well as afterward throughout our careers. I enjoy many different things and have an extremely varied collection of hobbies and interests, from exercise and sports to music, reading, linguistics, and board games, what have you!

American Sign Language Peer Tutor (she/her)

I am an Exercise Science major but have studied American sign language for over four years. I chose to tutor because I think that learning any language can be difficult and I want to share my skills with others.

Accounting Peer Tutor (he/him)

I am currently a junior at Pacific University and plan on majoring in accounting. I am excited to start tutoring because I think that it will be an enjoyable experience and I know how important it is to have a tutor available for additional assistance.

Mathematics and Economics Peer Tutor (he/him)

I am a Mathematics and Economics double major who loves to spend all of their free time outside. Tutoring is important to me because it allows me to learn with someone in addition to my professors.

Japanese Peer Tutor (she/her)

I am a junior from Osaka, Japan majoring in biology and Spanish. I love cooking, hiking, traveling, cuddling with animals, sipping on a hot latte, and everything about Christmas.

Foreign Language Teaching Assistant and German Tutor

Hi! My name is May, and I'm a Junior from Celle, Germany. I major in Psychology and minor in Criminal Justice. I'm excited to tutor German this year and help you to be successful in your German classes. I'm looking forward to working with you!

Writing Peer Tutor (she/her)

I am in the MEd program, earning ESOL and physical education endorsements, and I am also a first-year Special Education teacher! As an undergraduate student at Pacific, I tutored writing, and I am THRILLED to be back. I look forward to working with you and growing together!

Pharmacy Peer Tutor

I'm a young man fascinated with people and knowledge of therapeutics. Pharmacy is the vector by which I can live out my dreams and accomplish life-long goals. I'm interested in meeting new people, exercising, gaming, learning to cook new foods, and watching horror movies.

Biology and Chemistry Peer Tutor (she/her)

I am a senior psychology major on a pre-medical track. I'm also a transfer student and am excited that as a tutor I'll have an opportunity to contribute to a vital student resource at Pacific. Outside of school, I enjoy knitting, baking, and spending time with my cats.

Statistics Peer Tutor (she/her)

I'm a senior majoring in Bioinformatics and a first-year tutor. I love musical theatre (my favorite is either Waitress or Mean Girls). I like tutoring because it gives students a chance to practice what they've learned in a low-stress environment.

Writing Peer Tutor (she/her)

I am an English Literature major with minors in Politics and Government and Philosophy. I love to read and write, so I greatly enjoy my job as a writing tutor.

Physical Therapy Peer Tutor (she/her)

Hello! My name is Sara and I am a second-year Doctor of Physical Therapy student. When I'm not in class you can find me reading, trying new coffee shops and breweries, and exploring the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I'm excited about tutoring because it allows me to help my colleagues feel supported and confident as they tackle the challenges of graduate-level academics.

Dental Hygiene Peer Tutor (she/her)

I am a senior in the Dental Hygiene Program. I enjoy going to the beach and trying different foods. I’m excited to be a resource available for students in need of study tips, or extra help in their courses. I recognize the importance and benefits of peer collaboration, and I would love to provide support in any way I can to those who need it.

Biology and Mathematics Peer Tutor (she/her)

Hi, I'm Valerie, and I major in Biology. I'm thrilled to support students' efforts to meet their academic goals, and I hope to see many new faces this year! Tutoring is for anyone who wants it, and it is a wonderful resource that I hope students take advantage of, especially during these challenging times!

Mathematics and Economics Peer Tutor (he/him)

I'm from Seattle, play handball, and am majoring in Math, Econ, and CS. I think that there are a variety of reasons people may be wary of asking their professors for help, and tutoring hopefully provides a more approachable option for them.

Physical Therapy Peer Tutor (she/her)

Third Year Physical Therapy Student Class of 2021. I love lifting weights, hiking, and going back home to Hawaii to visit my family. I am excited about tutoring because it has allowed me to share new studying habits when transitioning from undergraduate education to graduate-level education. I think tutoring is important because it provides students a support system for success.

Physics and Mathematics Peer Tutor (she/her)

I am a Mathematics major and a Physics/Spanish minor attending my final year at Pacific University. A fun fact about me is that I have been skydiving (which is really fun, I definitely want to do it again). I enjoy tutoring because I get to help people understand concepts, and by helping others I get a deeper/better understanding of the subject.