Meet the CLASS Tutors

Chemistry Peer Tutor

I am a Junior majoring in Biology born and raised in Portland, Oregon. I do Judo and run/coach the Judo Club on campus. I like tutoring very much because it offers another resource for students to practice and understand materials learned in class.

ESL Support Peer Tutor

My major is Education and Learning with a minor and endorsement in TESOL/ESOL. I enjoy tutoring because I believe it is a great resource for all students and I take satisfaction from watching students understand things better.

Mathematics Peer Tutor

I am a Mathematics Major and Computer Science Minor. A fun fact about me is that I play the flute in Pacific’s Symphonic Band. I like tutoring because I like to help people learn.

Chemistry Peer Tutor

I am currently pursuing majors in Biology and Chemistry. One of my favorite hobbies is going skiing in the winter. I like tutoring because it allows me the opportunity to help my peers understand certain topics/subjects they are struggling with, and reinforces my retention as well.

Writing and Occupational Therapy Peer Tutor

I am a second year occupational therapy student from Mukilteo, Washington. Joining me in my tutoring sessions is my service dog, Nanuk— he is a four year old, hypoallergenic and non-shedding coton de tulear. When we are not in class or tutoring, you can find us in the mountains exploring new hiking and cross-country ski trails. I have always enjoyed my role as a student and am excited to share my love of learning with the students with whom I work!

Writing Peer Tutor

Hi there! My name is Cayla and I am a fourth year in the PsyD program. In my free time I enjoy cooking, reading, and hiking. As a tutor, I hope to help support Pacific students in their academic journeys and share the tips I've learned to be successful.

Music Theory Peer Tutor

I’m a Music Education major and I really enjoy theory and helping people out! I play a lot of different instruments and I have a cat named Cooper.

Writing Peer Tutor

I'm a junior majoring in Biology and Creative Writing, and minoring in English Literature. I thrive on wholesome memes, Gothic horror, and coffee.

Biology Peer Tutor

I'm a third year biology major looking forward to my second year of tutoring. I love dogs, baking and cooking, music, and watching sports.

Writing Peer Tutor

I'm an environmental biology major/philosophy minor. I think tutoring is important because it helps students feel more confident in their schoolwork and abilities.

American Sign Language Peer Tutor

I am an Exercise Science major, on a Pre-Physical therapy track. I am from Seattle, WA, and this will be my first year as a tutor. I'm super excited to be part of CLASS this year because I want to help others succeed in classes also.

Spanish Peer Tutor

I am majoring in Spanish with a minor in business. This past spring semester, I had the amazing opportunity to study abroad in Spain, and while I was there, I taught English to elementary and middle school-aged kids. I am very passionate about teaching language to students.

Occupational Therapy Peer Tutor

I am a second year occupational therapy student with a passion for sustainability, dancing, and spending time with friends. I am a tutor because I recognize the mutual benefits that come from working collaboratively with other students. Graduate school is not easy! It is much better with a knowledgeable support system.

Physical Therapy Peer Tutor

Hello! My name is Kendell and I am a second year Doctor of Physical student and an avid coffee drinker. I think tutoring is fantastic because we all need help sometimes, and tutors truly want to help you succeed.

Mathematics and Chemistry Peer Tutor

I am a chemistry major with a minor in biology and mathematics. When it comes to tutoring, I really enjoy helping students understand a concept they have been struggling with.

Accounting Peer Tutor

I am a Junior here at Pacific University majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting as well as minoring in Fine Arts. In any subject (but especially accounting) it's much easier to work through problems out loud and with someone else, so I'm excited to be an accounting tutor this year!

Writing Peer Tutor

I am a Creative Writing Major and a triple minor in Editing & Publishing, English Literature, and Integrated Media. My favorite color is yellow (not blue) and I have two cats named Richard Parker and Karou, both of whom are named after book characters. I think that tutoring (especially writing) is important because it’s one way for us to help people write down the ideas living in their head that just need a little help to get out into the world.

Foreign Language Teaching Assistant and French Tutor

I am the new French FLTA at Pacific. I graduated with a master's degree in Clinical Psychology last year and then I worked in a school with kids who have learning disabilities. I love jazz music, which I studied in Paris for 2 years. It will be my pleasure to provide help and support while you are learning French. A bientôt!

Physical Therapy Peer Tutor

Hello! I'm a second year physical therapy student, novice runner, cat mom, and creative writing major. My own study habits received a massive overhaul at the start of my program, and as a tutor, I hope to help my peers navigate the demands of a graduate program more quickly and efficiently than I did.

Japanese Peer Tutor

I am a sophomore majoring in Spanish and biology. I was born and raised in Osaka, Japan. I love to run, discover new music, watch K-dramas, travel, and try new food.

Writing Peer Tutor

I am a senior studying Education & Learning and earning a license in Special Education. Writing is an amazing tool and I look forward to working with you.

Physical Therapy Peer Tutor

I am a second year student in Pacific's Physical Therapy program who loves long runs, exploring new breweries and being outdoors. I played collegiate basketball and went on to play in Germany after graduating with a biology degree, both of which led me to the physical therapy field. Tutoring is super important to me because we all have struggles but it helps to meet them face on and tackle the challenge!

Economics and Statistics Peer Tutor

Hi! I am a senior Economics major minoring in Math, Sociology, and Psychology. One of my biggest hobbies is music! I could talk music just about all day.

Biology and Chemistry Peer Tutor

I am a senior psychology major on a pre-medical track. I'm also a transfer student and am excited that as a tutor I'll have an opportunity to contribute to a vital student resource at Pacific. Outside of school, I enjoy knitting, baking, and spending time with my cats.

Foreign Language Teaching Assistant and German Tutor

I am 24 years old and have just recently finished my Master of Education for middle and high schools in Germany where I will be teaching English and Biology. I think tutoring is really important in learning a foreign language, as it helps to train the use of the target language in an informal context. I am looking forward to meeting lots of new people and making new experiences, so please feel free to contact me with whatever queries you have got. 

Physical Therapy Peer Tutor

I am a 2nd year in the PT program. I have a twin sister and played 4 collegiate sports.

Writing Peer Tutor

I am an English Literature Major, with minors in Politics and Government and Philosophy. I love reading, writing, yoga, sitcoms, coffee, and my dog Tom Selleck. I like meeting new people and sharing ideas, so I really enjoy my role as a peer tutor.

Foreign Language Teaching Assistant and Spanish Tutor

I'm the Spanish FLTA and I can't wait to meet everyone and help you with your struggles. I love games and sports. I think that having fun while learning is the best way to overcome difficulties.

Physical Therapy Peer Tutor

I’m a physical therapy student with a long-ago background in literature and theatre and a current passion for trails and mountains. Tutoring gives me an opportunity to deepen my understanding and broaden my perspectives on difficult content, while helping my peers.

Biology and Mathematics Peer Tutor

I'm Valerie, and I'm a plucky biology major from a little town in California. I chose to be a tutor because I think helping students tackle daunting topics is super nifty! I think tutoring is important because it helps people boost both what and how they are learning, so I hope to see my calculus and biology students in CLASS!

Physical Therapy Peer Tutor

I'm in my second year of the Doctorate of Physical Therapy Program. My current hobbies are weight lifting and hiking. I think tutoring is an important resource for all students to guide, strengthen, and build learning skills.

Physics and Mathematics Peer Tutor

My majors are math and physics. Some interesting facts about me: I love Star Wars and Harry Potter, I wear hats almost all the time, and I have skydived! I like tutoring because I enjoy helping others reach their goals. In addition, it is delighting to see someone have the 'ah-ha' moment when they understand a concept.