Learn the techniques to make tough financial decisions in the modern economy.

Although the stock market is the most visible element of finance, many companies need finance managers, investment analysts, and compliance officers—all who will benefit from a Pacific finance degree. If you are a logical thinker who enjoys analyzing data sets to make well-informed decisions, finance may be your future career.

The College of Business at Pacific University offers students the opportunity to concentrate in finance within the business administration major. With smaller class sizes, you will get the personal attention you need to master the complexities of finance. At Pacific, you will receive all your lectures from qualified College of Business faculty who will provide industry insight and real-world examples.

Within our modern curriculum, you will learn about team building as well as crucial analytical ideas and logistical techniques grounded in real-world examples. You will have a chance to apply these ideas and get involved in strategic competition in case studies and simulation activities.

Business Club

The student-led Business Club organizes social events, activities, professional speakers and other workshops to help you prepare for your career. Open to business and non-business majors alike, the club offers opportunities for networking, professional development, resume building and fun!