The Spanish program offers students the opportunity to learn the one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. The program features immersion courses at lower- and upper-division levels, as well as interdisciplinary studies in language, literature, history, philosophy, music and film. Spanish majors study abroad for at least one semester, and students can practice their language skills with a native-speaking language assistant on campus or students around the world via real-time video conferencing.

Program Highlights

  • Study and live abroad for a semester of a year in a Spanish-speaking country
  • Participate in two- or three-week travel courses in Spain and Mexico
  • Converse with a native Spanish-speaker serving as a language assistant and engage in course work with students in other countries via advanced video conferencing
  • Gain the understanding to work well as a liaison with indigenous cultures through social sciences, healthcare, education and other career fields
  • Get first-hand experience in teaching languages, including Spanish to students in the U.S. and English to children in rural Mexico schools through a teaching practicum course


Coursework begins with an introduction to Spanish language and culture, then intermediate Spanish, although students with prior language training may begin at a higher level. Our coursework also includes Spanish for heritage speakers. A variety of upper-division courses, ranging from composition and conversation to the literature, film, history, art, music and cultures of Spain, Latin America and U.S. Latinos, are available.

Proficiency in speaking, writing and comprehending the language is emphasized. Students interested in bilingual education in elementary schools may also take an introductory class on the principles of second-language acquisition or one that include opportunities to participate in bilingual hands-on art and music experiences designed for elementary classrooms.


Pacific University students have had success in obtaining Fulbright Scholarships for post-graduate work teaching or doing research abroad. Students studying Spanish at Pacific are well prepared to interact in the global community. Recent graduates work in business, education and health professions.

World Languages & Literatures

The Chinese minor is part of the World Languages & Literatures Department, which also offers majors and minors in FrenchGerman and Japanese, as well as a major in modern languages and a minor in Chinese.