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Program Information

What type of degrees does this program offer?

The Pacific University School of Pharmacy program leads to a Doctor of Pharmacy, or PharmD, degree.

The School of Pharmacy also offers a joint degree program leading to a Doctor of Pharmacy/Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences (PharmD/MS) dual degree. This is a one-year research-focused curriculum that will be added following the three-year PharmD program, for a total of four years of education. 

Pharmacy Career paths

Is the program accredited?

Yes, the program is fully accredited by ACPE.

How long will it take me to complete the PharmD program?

The program is three continuous years, which means summers are not off. Students are spending time working in a pharmacy setting over the summer months. 

Can I attend the program part-time or online?

No, the program is full time and on site only.

Admissions Process

How do I apply?

We require that applicants complete the PharmCAS application online.

When do I apply?

PharmCAS: Mid July is when it opens-June 1st (prior to our August 1st start date) is the Final deadline.

How many letters of reference do I need and how do I submit them?

All letters of reference need to be submitted through PharmCAS. We require two letters of reference, but you can submit up to four through PharmCAS.

Is pharmacy experience required?

We do not mandate a specific amount of pharmacy experience hours; however, the strongest applicants do have pharmacy experience. We are looking for students to convey their passion for the field of pharmacy, and be able to demonstrate why they want to become a pharmacist. 

Is the PCAT required?

No, we do not take the PCAT into consideration.

Is there a minimum GPA requirement for applying to the PharmD program?

No, but we do have a recommended GPA of 2.7 for applicants to be considered more competitive. We will be looking at an applicant's science, cumulative, and last 45 semester credit GPAs, as calculated by PharmCAS. All applicants will be considered, even those who fall below a 2.7 GPA. 

Is an interview required?

Yes, we will invite those who qualify to a mandatory interview. The interview days are held on specified Saturdays and Fridays and through Online (Zoom) if applicable, from September to June, normally about every 6 weeks. 

Applicant Profile

What is the average GPA of students applying?

The average GPA for the matriculated students is between a 3.1-3.3.

Is a bachelor's degree required?

No, we do not require a bachelor's degree. The School of Pharmacy requires students to complete 62 semester credit hours of prerequisites. Completing a bachelor's degree may help an applicant become a more competitive candidate. Approximately 75%-85% of students entering the program each year have completed a bachelor's degree.

Is there a specific major the School of Pharmacy wants to see applicants pursuing?

No, we do not require or prefer students major in a specific bachelor's degree program. The important factor is completing the correct prerequisites with a strong GPA. You can have the Admissions Office evaluate your transcript by completing the prerequisite worksheet (pdf).

What is the number of applicants, how many are interviewed, and how many seats are available?

The Admissions Office receives approximately 350 completed applications each year, we interview about 150 candidates, and the approximate available seats in the class for each year range from 60-80.

International Applicants

Can international students apply to Pacific University's School of Pharmacy?

Yes, we accept international students to the program. International students must complete the same application requirements mandatory for all applicants.

Is the TOEFL exam required?

Yes, the TOEFL exam is required if the student's first language is not English and they do not have a waiver for the TOEFL.  For waiver qualifications, please check our English Language Proficiency Requirement for details.

Can I use my foreign coursework toward the prerequisites?

Applicants must have all coursework completed at a foreign university evaluated by a third-party organization, such as WES or ECE. You will then need to have your coursework evaluated by the Graduate Admissions Office to determine if any of the international coursework can fulfill the prerequisites. 

Cost and Financial Aid?

What is the cost of the program?

Tuition and fees: ~$54,000 per year (2022 tuition estimate)

Is financial aid available?

Applying through FAFSA is recommended.  Need-based aid in the form of grants, loans, work-study, and other funding is available to those who demonstrate financial need. For those who plan to apply for aid,  100% of our students receive financial aid to pay for their tuition and cost of living (this is generally in the form of loans). 

NAPLEX passing Rate

Seen here are our most recent NAPLEX passing rates, our students are above the national average passing rate.  For more information about the NAPLEX exam, follow this Link

NAPLEX - Pacific University SOP First Time Pass Rate (92 students):  92.39 %

National (n = 13,313): 88.43 %

State (n = 166): 93.98 %

MPJE (Law Exam)- First Time Pass Rate

In-state*(n = 45):  86.67 %

Out of State# (n = 71): 76.1 %

State (n = 412): 88.83 %

National (n = 21,423): 83.02 %

*MPJE in-state: Examinees taking the MPJE for the same jurisdiction as respective pharmacy program

#MPJE out of state: Examinees testing in different jurisdiction than respective pharmacy program

Masters of Pharmaceutical Sciences (MS Pharm Sci/PharmD) Dual Degree

The PharmD/MS Dual Degree program is a new degree program that offers a joint degree with the existing 3-year PharmD curriculum. A one-year research-focused curriculum will be added following the three-year PharmD program for a total of four years of education.  Thus, students will be enrolled in two separate degree programs with some overlap of courses. Students would have the opportunity to specialize in the following areas: Drug Discovery, Pharmacology, Pharmaceutics, Pharmacokinetics, Drug Metabolism, Medicinal Chemistry, Toxicology, and Cancer Biology.

Students must be enrolled in the PharmD program at Pacific; the MS is earned while studying for the PharmD degree and is also designed as a stand-alone program. 

Residency Information

How many of your students apply for residencies?

We have averaged more than 1/3rd  of the graduating class applying for residencies. Of those students who submitted a rank list, on average 60-70% match, which has been similar to the national average for all schools of pharmacy.

Are there many residencies available in the region?

There are about 40 residency (PGY1, PGY2) and fellowship positions in the region. Residency directors coordinate a citywide group to share ideas and training for residents from Medford, Ore., to Vancouver, Wash. Additionally, a Teaching Certificate Program is available to regional residents through a collaborate effort between Pacific University and Oregon State University.