New Student Checklist

To ensure we are best prepared for your arrival on campus, there are several tasks and forms you need to complete over the summer.

If you are participating in a program that requires early arrival, such as pre-season Athletics or International Student Orientation, please pay special attention to your Pacific University email. Some items may have different, specifically earlier, due dates. Regardless of your arrival date, you are expected to complete all your enrollment checklist items before moving onto campus.

While summer schedules can be challenging, we encourage all students to make their best effort to complete these forms independently, as no one knows you better than you know yourself.

If you are unable to complete a form by the due date, please contact the appropriate office in advance to arrange for form submission. Don’t hesitate to reach out to the Orientation Team with any questions; we are here to help make this a smooth transition!

New Student Checklist


Class registration happens in July and August for incoming first-year students. Track key tasks and milestones with Academic and Career Advising to get set for classes! Completing the first step (the Academic Interest Survey) triggers the rest of the process so please complete it as soon as you receive it. More information on New First-Year Student or New Transfer Student steps.

  1. Complete the Academic Interest Survey (AIS), which helps us understand your academic interests and preferences.

  2. Fill out the First Year Communities (FYC) survey.

  3. Sign up for an Advising & Registration Day; you can register once you've completed the AIS and FYC surveys. 

  4. Submit your final transcripts and score reports.

  5. Attend your Advising & Registration Day.

Information will be sent to your Pacific University email frequently so check it daily. Questions on advising? Email



Set up your Pacific Email | One of the first and most crucial steps in your journey here is setting up your Pacific University email account. Your university email will be the primary means of communication for important updates, deadlines, and information throughout your time at Pacific. More details on how to set up your PACU email

Complete your Housing Application or Residency Requirement Exemption Form | Get ready to join the university community by living on our beautiful Forest Grove campus! We think you’ll enjoy the community environment, the convenience, the amenities, and most of all, the opportunity to meet and learn from a diverse group of friends from all over. Log in to our housing portal, eRezLife, to complete your housing application and match with a roommate. Don’t forget to visit Campus Living to check deadlines, answer any questions you may have, find the step-by-step guide to walk you through the process or request a residency requirement waiver.

Upload your photo for your Pacific Boxer ID Card - Due by August 5our Pacific U student ID card is used to authorize your use of a host of campus resources (including access to your residence hall and meal plan!) and confirm your role as a current student. Please be sure to submit a photo in advance to make the move-in process easier. If you have not already submitted your photo you will be required to take a photo with Campus Public Safety at check-in. More details on how to submit your Boxer ID Card photo.

Accept/sign your Financial Aid offer letter through the BoxerOnline Financial Aid Portal | Don’t delay—log into BoxerOnline today and secure your financial aid for the upcoming academic year! Carefully read through your Financial Aid offer letter to understand the grants, scholarships, loans, and work-study opportunities available to you. If you have any questions, our Office of Financial Aid is here to assist you.

Upload your Immunization Records | Prior to arrival on campus or attending classes in the Fall, undergraduate students are required to provide documentation of immunization records. Check out more details and submit your information online via our Student Health Center. More details on how to submit your Immunization Record.

Complete the health insurance waiver - Due August 13All students are automatically billed for Pacific’s Student Health Insurance plan unless you decline or opt-out of coverage by submitting a waiver. We want you to stay healthy! For medical insurance waiver questions contact Student Accounts at More details on how to complete the health insurance waiver

Add Campus Public Safety (CPS) to your phone: 503-352-2230, available 24/7 | Your safety and well-being are our top priorities at Pacific University. Whether you need help with a lockout, a safety escort across campus, or reporting suspicious activity, CPS is always available to assist. We encourage all students to save CPS' number in their phones. 

Name your Emergency Contacts | One essential step in ensuring your well-being is naming your emergency contacts. These are the people we will reach out to if you need urgent help or in case of an emergency. Select individuals who know you well and can be reached easily, such as parents, guardians, close relatives, or trusted friends. Add your Emergency Contacts through BoxerOnline



Request your parking permit and pay the fee (if you have to bring a car to campus) | All vehicles on campus are required to register for a valid Pacific University parking permit. Students moving to campus this fall are asked to submit the request form online in order for the permit to be ready by move in. Learn more about registering your vehicle.

Update Your Preferred or Chosen Name | Congruent with Pacific University’s commitment to creating a welcoming and inclusive campus environment, Pacific University supports changes to legal name, preferred or chosen first name, and legal sex designation. More information on updating your name in our records

Submit accommodation requests and disability documentation with the Office of Accessibility & Accommodations | If you have a disability or require specific accommodations to thrive in your academic journey, it's important to submit your accommodation requests and any relevant disability documentation to the Office of Accessibility & Accommodations (OAA). By providing this information early, our team can work with you to arrange the necessary support you may need to be successful at Pacific University, whether it’s modified learning materials, exam accommodations, or assistive technology. This proactive step ensures you have the tools and adjustments you need for a successful and equitable educational experience. Reach out to OAA today to begin the accommodations process.

Start the Dietary Needs Process with Dining Services | Pacific University Dining Services is committed to providing nutritious and enjoyable meals for all students. If you have medical dietary needs, start the Dietary Needs process early to receive personalized assistance. Our team will work with you to manage food allergies, intolerances, or other dietary restrictions, ensuring you have safe and satisfying meal options. To begin, reach out to Dining Services with your dietary needs documentation and preferences. 

Apply for On-Campus Jobs through Our Student Career Webpage | Discover and apply for a variety of on-campus job opportunities at Pacific University through our student career webpage. Whether you're interested in administrative roles, research assistantships, or positions in dining services and the library, working on campus offers a convenient way to earn income, build your resume, and connect with the university community. Visit our student career page to find and apply for jobs that fit your interests and schedule.

Order Your Textbooks | Historically, far too many students waiting until the day before to order, and orders are always filled “first-come, first-serve” (this is especially true where used books are concerned) and do tend to get bought up first, so ordering early is highly recommended! You can either purchase or rent textbooks for your class through our campus bookstore. For more information visit the bookstore website.


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If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to our Orientation team at or 503-352-3040.