New Student Checklist

The summer before you begin your university journey will go by more quickly than you can imagine. As you prepare to join us here at Pacific, there is important information for you to review and several important tasks to complete. To ensure that you don't miss anything, we have developed a helpful checklist for you. We recommend that you read through this list carefully to make sure that you don't miss anything.



Complete Your Housing Application

Get ready to join the university community by living on our beautiful Forest Grove campus! We think you’ll enjoy the community environment, the convenience, the amenities, and most of all, the opportunity to meet and learn from a diverse group of friends from all over. Log in to our housing portal, eRezLife, to complete your housing application and match with a roommate. Here’s a step-by-step guide to walk you through the process. Apps are due June 6, but submitting early is encouraged. Don’t forget to visit our Campus Living webpages to answer any questions you may have or request a residency requirement waiver

Upload Your Immunization Records

Prior to arrival on campus or attending classes in the Fall, undergraduate students are required to provide documentation of immunization records. Check out more details about immunizations here and submit your information via our Online Student Health Immunization Form. The deadline to submit immunization records is August 11th.

Waive or Accept Your Health Insurance

We want you to stay healthy! You will be billed for Pacific’s Student Health Insurance plan automatically. If you do not want the Student Health Insurance Plan, you must decline or opt-out of coverage by submitting a waiver. You may only opt-out of coverage before August 13. 

For medical insurance waiver questions contact or one of the Accounts Receivable staff

Upload Your Pacific ID Card Photo

Your Pacific U student ID card is used to authorize your use of a host of campus resources (including access to your residence hall and meal plan!) and confirm your role as a current student. Please be sure to submit a photo in advance to make the move-in process easier. 

As of August 23rd, the submission window to turn in your own photo for an ID card has closed. If you have not already submitted your photo you will be required to take a photo with Campus Public Safety at check-in. 

Order Your Textbooks

Historically, far too many students waiting until the day before to order, and orders are always filled “first-come, first-serve” (this is especially true where used books are concerned) and do tend to get bought up first, so ordering early is highly recommended! You can either purchase or rent textbooks for your class through our campus bookstore. For more information see their website here

Request Your Parking Permit

All vehicles on campus are required to register for a valid Pacific University parking permit. Students moving to campus this fall are asked to submit the request form by August 14th in order for the permit to be ready by move in. Learn more about registering your vehicle.

Visit our Roommate Resources Webpage (for residential students)

For those who are living with others, our Roommate Resources can help navigate those (sometimes) rough waters. Living with a roommate can be exciting, awesome, and challenging, but Pacific’s team of Student Affairs staff and Residence Assistants are here to help. 

Update Your Emergency Contacts

Update your emergency contact information through self service and be sure to add Campus Public Safety to your contacts 503-352-2230 (x2230 on campus). 

Update Your Preferred or Chosen Name (Optional)

Congruent with Pacific University’s commitment to creating a welcoming and inclusive campus environment, Pacific University supports changes to legal name, preferred or chosen first name, and legal sex designation. Current students can submit changes of their name of record, preferred name, and/or legal sex designation through the Registrar’s Office. 



Class registration happens in July and August for incoming first-year students. Below are the steps necessary to follow in order to sign up for your half-day Advising & Registration experience. Completing the first step, the Academic Interest Survey, triggers the rest of the process so please complete it as soon as possible after receiving the invitation via email after you deposit. Information will be sent to your Pacific University email frequently so check it daily.

Complete the Academic Interest Survey

The Academic Interest Survey is your chance to tell us about your interests, career goals, and more. Takes about 20 minutes to complete. This information will help your summer advisor advise you on the right pathway. It’s okay to be undecided or change your mind! Your first year is for exploring! 

Take Your World Language Assessment

All students must complete a 102-level or higher world language course to fulfill graduation requirements. If you took a language in high school and plan to continue that language then you are required to take this assessment. You do NOT need to take it if you plan to take ASL (even if you studied it prior), are starting a new language that you have not previously studied, or you have already earned college credit for a language and do not plan to take any more language classes. 

Language placement testing is a self-serve online service that students can complete on their own without a proctor. Details will be sent after you complete the Academic Interest Survey. More information can be found here. Questions can be directed to

Take Your Math Assessment on Moodle

Do not worry or be anxious about the Math Assessment on Moodle – it’s more of a diagnostic tool to determine what level of math is appropriate for you.  You will receive an invitation to this if you did not already earn college credit for Math (not including AP/IB – if you took an AP/IB class you are still required to take this Math Assessment). You may self-enroll by signing into your Pacific University account on Moodle to take the assessment. 

There is a math class for everyone at Pacific.  Some majors do not require math beyond the first level so do not worry if math is not your strongest subject!  Advisors will have a discussion with you about what the best level of math is to begin. Our math department wants to make sure that you begin with the class that is most appropriate for you!

Math Challenge Test (Optional)

This test is optional and only for students who want to "test out" of their current level (for example, you tested into College Algebra via the Moodle assessment but you wish to take Pre-Calculus). Math Placement Challenge Tests are a 10 question exam, no calculators, intended to challenge your assigned math placement.  If you were advised to attempt this exam, you can raise your math placement from 100 level courses to 200 level courses. Please email in order to arrange a time to complete the Math Challenge Test. 

Take Your First Year Seminar (FYS) Survey

Once you have completed the assessments above, you will receive an email invitation to voice which section and theme of First Year Seminar you would like to participate in. You will get to tell us your top five choices. How exciting! 

Review the New Student Advising Checklist on Moodle

Complete Academic & Career Advising’s New Student Advising Checklist - Your Guide to Starting @ Pacific University on Moodle. This resource hub helps you to prepare for your advising meeting and class registration this summer!. 

Understand Undergraduate Core Requirements 

Current students (that now includes you!) follow our Core Requirement Plan. It requires the completion of Foundations, Explorations, and Applications. The website goes more in depth about the areas underneath Foundations, Explorations, and Applications, so it’s a good idea to read through this before you go to your first advising session.


Contact Us

If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to our Orientation team at