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General Information

Career Advising (pdf)

Internships (pdf)

Career Development Center (website)

Center for Tutoring, Learning and Student Success (CLASS) (pdf)

Student Success Resources (pdf)

Core Requirements (website)

College of Arts & Sciences Academic Degree Requirements 2019-20 (pdf)

Roles and Responsibilities of Student Advisees and Faculty Advisors (pdf)

Privacy Guidelines for Student Records (FERPA) (pdf)

Advising for Health Professions (pdf)

International Student Advising (pdf)

Study Abroad (pdf)

First Year Seminar (FYS) and First Year Experience (FYE) (pdf)

Still Deciding on a Major? (pdf)

Undergraduate Programs

Anthropology Degree Requirements

Exercise Science

Exercise Science Degree Requirements

Art, Design Track Degree Requirements

Art, Fine Art Track Degree Requirements

Gender & Sexuality Studies Minor

Gender & Sexuality Studies Minor Requirements

Art History
Art History Degree Requirements

History Degree Requirements

Asia-Pacific Studies Minor

Asia-Pacific Studies Minor Requirements

International Studies
International Studies Degree Requirements

Bioinformatics Degree Requirements

Latina/o Studies Minor 
Latina/o Studies Minor Requirements

Biology Degree Requirements

Mathematics Degree Requirements

Business Administration

Business Administration Degree Requirements

Media Arts
Film & Video
Graphic Design (new 2019)
Integrated Media

Media Arts Degree Requirements
Film and Video Degree Requirements

Graphic Design Degree Requirements
Integrated Media Degree Requirements
Journalism Degree Requirements

Chemistry Degree Requirements

Music Degree Requirements
Performance Emphasis Options: Instrumental, Piano Emphasis, or Vocal Emphasis

Music Education, BME Degree Requirements

Communication Sciences & Disorders Minor

CSD Minor Requirements

Music Therapy
Music Therapy Degree Requirements

Comparative Religion Minor

Comparative Religion Minor Requirements

Outdoor Leadership Minor
Outdoor Leadership Minor Requirements

Computer Science
Computer Science Degree Requirements

Philosophy Degree Requirements

Philosophy: Ethics, Society, & Law Requirements

Criminal Justice, Law, and Society 
Criminal Justice, Law and Society Degree Requirements

Physics Degree Requirements

Cultural Awareness & Knowledge Minor

Cultural Awareness and Knowledge Minor Requirements

Politics and Government
Politics and Government Degree Requirements

Dance Degree Requirements 

Public Health
Public Health, BA Requirements

Public Health, BS Degree Requirements

Data Science

Data Science Degree Requirements 

Psychology Degree Requirements

Disability Studies Minor
Disability Studies Minor Requirements

Psychological Health and Well-Being Minor

Psychological Health and Well-being Minor Requirements

Economics Degree Requirements

Social Equity & Social Change Minor

Social Equity & Social Change Minor Advising Handbook (pdf)

Editing & Publishing Minor
Editing & Publishing Minor Requirements

Social Innovation & Non-Profit Leadership Minor

Social Innovation Minor Requirements

Education and Learning 

Education and Learning Single Subject Licensure (Middle or High School)

Education and Learning Degree Requirements

Social Work

Social Work Degree Requirements

English (Literature & Creative Writing)
English (Literature) Advising Handbook 

English (Creative Writing) Advising Handbook 

Creative Writing Degree Requirements

Literature Degree Requirements

Sociology Degree Requirements


Environmental Biology

Environmental Biology Degree Requirements

TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) Minor

TESOL Minor Requirements

Environmental Science: Chemistry, & Toxicology

Environmental Science, Toxicology & Chemistry Emphasis Degree Requirements

Environmental Science/Pharmacy 3+3 Pathway Information Sheet (pdf)

Environmental Science/Pharmacy 3+3 Pathway Catalog

Theatre & Applied Theatre

Applied Theatre Degree Requirements

Theatre Degree Requirements

Environmental Studies: Applied Sustainability

Environmental Studies: Applied Sustainability Degree Requirements

Environmental Studies: Policy, Culture & Society

Environmental Studies: Policy, Culture, and Society Degree Requirements

World Languages
Chinese Minor Requirements

Dual Language Degree Requirements

French Degree Requirements

German Studies Degree Requirements

Japanese Degree Requirements

Spanish Degree Requirements


Preparing for Pacific's Graduate Programs
Advantage Program (pdf) Pre-Occupational Therapy (pdf)
Pre-Audiology (pdf) Pre-Optometry (pdf)
Pre-Athletic Training (pdf) Pre-Pharmacy (pdf)
Pre-Dental Hygiene (pdf) Pre-Physician Assistant (pdf)
Pre-Law (pdf) Pre-Physical Therapy (pdf)
Pre-MFA Writing (pdf) Pre-Professional Psychology (pdf)
Pre-Med                             Pre-Speech Language Pathology (pdf)
Pre-Masters in Social Work (pdf) Pre-Masters of Arts in Teaching MAT (pdf)

Pre-MBA (pdf)

Pre-Health Professions Post-Baccalaureate Pathway